Satyam Tours

About Us

Satyam Tours is a registered tour operator in Nepal which is fully certified and recognized by the Department of Tourism and also the Government of Nepal with high commitment in organizing Kailash Manasarovar Tour and other natural, heritage trips to Nepal, Tibet, and Bhutan. In an attempt to share the mystical dimensions, Satyam offers the rare privilege of exploring the exquisiteness and holiness of the most valued destinations of this land including, magnificent Mount Kailash and Lake Mansarovar, the awe-inspiring Himalayas, beautiful Chamundi Hills and the Chamundeshwari Temple, and the legendary holy city of Varanasi.

Our group of team includes well trained and experienced guides supplied with expert equipments, and professional members with knowledge of history, topography and languages of these sacred areas. Customer satisfaction is our main goal so our hard working team constantly strives to meet our client’s expectations with exciting Kailash tour and other activities in Nepal, Tibet, and Bhutan. We are fully committed to our service standards and always stand by our promise of presenting quality services which we have served all our previous and current guests and customers with paramount dedication. We have adapted to numerous changes that occur in tourism sector by creating flexible procedures to make sure that your problems are solved as early as possible. It has become our target to send as many people to this almost forbidden land with one of the most unique landscapes of incomparable beauty and to make it available to people from all walks of life to gain the spiritual fulfillment and the sense of adventure on these holy trips organized by us. Join us for an exploration of the beautiful and one of the most sacred corners of the Earth. Remember Satyam Tours for any pilgrimage tour you desire as we would like to give you an expended tour full of memorable moments.