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Kailash Yatra 2016 via Kodari

13 Days

Kailash & Mansarovar Yatra
Asia’s most sacred mountain, familiar to Hindus as Kailash Parvat , stands in a remote corner of Western Tibet , isolated by rugged terrain from all but a handful of outsiders , Its reputation is near legendary. To pilgrims of four religions , Hindus, Buddhist, Jain and Bonpo-the ancient religion of Tibet.

This 22,028 foot rock pyramid is the throne of the gods and is reserved by the followers of these religions as the holy place where the divine takes earthly from . For well over a thousand years , Pilgrims have homed here to pay homage to the mountain’s mystery.

Circumambulating it in an ancient ritual of devotion that continues to this day .As an archetype of the divine centre, Meru rises in the realm invisible to mortal eyes. Man’s urge to fix his ideals in solid form drew Meru to Earth, imposing it’s divinity on the snow peak of Kailash.

To the pilgrims who walk the thirty-two-mile path about it, Kailash is Meru embodied in ice and stone, and a single circuit erases the sins of alive time. Their faith proclaims that not just the mountain’s ice capped summit but the entire region is the above of the gods: a holy land made doubly sacrosanct by the presence of nearby Lake Mansarovar, fifteen-mile-wide circle of deepest blue which is among man’s most ancient holy sites.

Here at Kailash the mystic image of Mere the great mountain at the center of the universe, has come to rest, Rooted in the seventh hell, piercing through to the highest heaven, Mount Meru appears at the heart of Asian religious cosmography. It is the central pivot around which the whole of creation revolves, the World Pillar and the First of Mountains.
The Lake and Mountain are the crowning jewels of a magical land of pure lights and intense colors born in the rarefied atmosphere of 15,000 ft. The stark wind-swept-plains , the luminous intensity of the sky and ranks of immense snow-covered giants guarding the region are a fitting back drop for the dazzling purity of the Kailash.

Upon the sublime natural landscape are placed the rock calms and fluttering faith. Every step of the sacred routes encircling Kailash and Mansarovar has its own legend, every rock, hill ad spring its own good: and outpouring of myths and belief which confirms by its very abundance the presence of the sacred.

Pre-departure Information:

Temperature and Weather: Weather conditions from June to September in Tibet, can be expected to be dry and sunny, with precipitation in July and August Day time temperatures can be as high as 22 degrees centigrade in Tibet.

The average daily temperature will be 10 degrees centigrade, however, the intense sun at high altitude can, make it feel even hotter. At this time of year there is an incredible drop in temperature from early afternoon to evening time, temperature at night-time will drop as low as 0 to -10 degrees centigrade at altitudes of 5000 meters, our highest camp during the Parikrama.

Health Considerations / Oxygen: All participants must provide health certificate given by a reputed doctor confirming that the participant is fit to travel in altitudes of 5700 meters. We do ask you to bring along your own small first aid kit (available at Pharmacies). Some of the items we ask you to bring in the kit are antiseptic cream or wound disinfectant Iodine and tube-squeeze cream. Foot care and Blister Treatment, band-aids, adhesive roll & strips, gauze pads, moleskin. (Please bring trusted and broken-in walking boots.)

One oxygen cylinder with will be provided in each vehicle and during the PARIKRAMA. Please note that oxygen is to be used only in case of emergency.

Risk, Responsibility & Liability: All arrangements within Tibet are solely at the discretion of the China Tibet Tourism Bureau (CTTB), a government Organization, and we have no control over the quality of the vehicles, facilities, Local administrative rules & regulations.

Therefore. Satyam Tours & Travel or its Tibetan counterpart shall not be responsible for any change and alteration in the program due to unavoidable circumstances such as landslide, road blockage, flood, snow, political-unrest, cancellation of flight, delay arrivals, sickness or accident.

Any extra cost incurring there of shall be borne by the client on the spot. It is advisable for clients to have full insurance against medical and personal accidents. However Satyam Tours & Travel P. Ltd will put every effort to make the trip very smooth & pleasant.

Currency / Custom Formalities: All major foreign currencies and TC’s are accepted in Zhangmu Bank in return for Yuen. The basic unit of Chinese Currency, Yuen equals 10 Jiao and 1 Jiao equals 10 Fen. At present USD 8 Yuen, Credit cards are not accepted. 1 Yuen3D INR 5/- approximately. EXCHANGE RATE can be changed any time.

Valuable goods taken for personal use (radio & video cameras etc) should be declared at customs office by completing a customs declaration form and brought back on return journey. Antiques must be properly certified, otherwise they may be confiscated.

Transportation / Staff – Guide / Escort: Kathmandu to Kodari Private minibus will be provided for the group. Border crossing from Kodari to Zhangmu (Tibet) will be on truck/s, approximately 30 mins ride. Throughout the journey in Tibet you will be traveling in 4 WD Japanese vehicles. A truck will be provided for luggage, camping equipments and food supplies.

Our highly experienced Sherpa staff will be responsible for all camping & cooking arrangements. Local English & Hindi speaking guide will escort the group throughout the tour in Tibet

Briefing & Orientation: There will be a briefing on the program on the day of your arrival in Kathmandu. It is very important that all participants must attend this briefing.

Accommodation / Food & Beverage: Accommodation in Nyalam and in Darchen will be in lodges. The rooms at these places are very basic without any modem amenities. During the rest of the journey accommodation will be in tents with mattresses, sleeping bags. All camping equipment required for the trip will be carried. Laundry services will not be available throughout the trip. Single room cannot be guaranteed.

Vegetarian breakfast & dinner will be cooked by Brahmins at campsite and will be served to clients. All the catering stuffs will be taken from Kathmandu. You will be required to bring sufficient supplementary food like chocolates, biscuits, nuts, pickles, bhujias, swahilies and your favorite tinned products to add variety to the meals. Lunch will be packed with light snacks.

Visas and Documentation: You must be in possession of valid passport for at least 9 months. We will obtain your visa for Tibet and will require the following information when making your reservation. Full name as it appears in your passport, passport, number, date of expiry, place of issue, nationality, date of birth and occupation.

Two passport size photographs are also required. Additionally, you must allow a minimum of 10 full working day in Kathmandu for the visa. Getting a visa for Tibet on the Indian passport is guaranteed once the tour is booked. Your passports should reach us not later than 15 days prior to your departure.

Photography – Insurance – Communication: Still cameras, home video cameras, are allowed in to China. We recommend that you insure yourself against sickness, EMERGENCY rescue, accident hospitalization, cancellation, etc., as we accept no responsibility for damages or expenses, which may arise from mishaps to persons or their belongings during the trip.

The last place to make any international calls is in Nyalam, your first night in Tibet. However, please be informed that it may be difficult at times to get the connection. If any urgent message has to be sent to any of the participants, then please contact us for THE HOTEL address in Kathmandu.

Clothing: Clothing for both extremes of climate and temperature. While driving to Kailash, it will be warm inside the vehicle and light clothing will be required. But as soon as you step out of the vehicle, warm clothing will be required to keep off the cold winds of the Tibetan Plateau. Evening will be generally cold and warm clothing will be required.

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