Satyam Tours

Zip Flyer

the Trolley is the heart of any zip line ride, Because of our exceptional design the Trolley is the only trolley capable of operating safely at 53% grades and at speeds of up to 100 mph; competitive trolleys are limited to grades of 40% and speeds of 65 mph. The Zip-Flyer Trolley has a triple redundancy safety system that securely locks the trolley onto the cable at three different locations.

The patented friction break built into our Trolley is adjustable (making it adaptable to any cable length and grade up to 53%), activated (but not controlled by the weight of the rider), and is positioned at the front of the Trolley enhancing its performance. A key safety feature, as the ride begins and the weight of the rider is put on the trolley, the brake is automatically activated and remains in constant operation at all times.

Zipflyer harnness
The only part of the ride that is in contact with the rider, the Comfort Seat/Harness has been designed to be comfortable and to insure the safe retention of the rider at all times. The rider is held in place with three separate restraining straps/clamps located at the legs, waist, and chest, providing triple redundancy that will protect the rider in the very unlikely event of a failure of one of the straps/clamps. Our harness was engineered and built by an Austrian paragliding company who built our harnesses to TUV SUD, ASTM, and paragliding standards.

Zip-Flyer Trolley Retrieval System
While the trolley retrieval system is responsible to bring the trolley back up to the top of the ride, making it available for the next rider, the exceptional safety focused design allows the system to know where the retrieval rope is at all times and incorporates triple redundancy systems that are built into the system permitting the identification and response to any slippage of the rope that might occur. Even though our high speed retrieval system can move the rope at 85 feet per second we have the ability to identify and respond to any unforeseen occurrence; whatever happens the Zip-Flyer system is ready with the proper response.

Zip-Flyer Starting Gate/Trolley Latch Systems
To provide the ultimate of safety Zip-Flyer uses a secure locking system for the Zip-Flyer starting gate and Trolley. These systems insure positive locking even in the case of a power failure. A very important safety feature of the Starting Gate system is that it remains locked at all times except when riders are beginning their ride. As a result of these and other safety features and procedures, the Zip-Flyer zip line cable ride, while the single most exhilarating rides available, is an extremely safe experience that you can offer your customers without concern for their safety.