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Janakpur is associated with a rich historical past. It was the capital city of the kingdom of Mithila in the past. Sita, who was the wife of the legendary hero Rama of the epic ‘Ramayana’ was born in Janakpur. This is a predominantly Hindu place. Every year, millions of tourists come here to pay their tribute to Lord Rama and Sita. ‘Bibaha Panchami’ is a popular festival which commemorates the marriage of the two epical characters mentioned above. Tours to Janakpur will take you to popular places of tourist attraction in the city.

Dhanush Sagar & Ganga Sagar

‘Dhanush Sagar’ and ‘Ganga Sagar are two sacred tanks situated near the Ram Mandir. Here, people perform religious ablutions during the early morning hours. However, during the festivals, these tanks become extremely important in the sense that religious ceremonies conducted here. You can also find numerous cisterns all along the place. This also has religious connotations. In fact, these were built by King Janak who anticipated the arrival of Gods after the holy marriage of Rama and Sita. It can be understood that after traveling many miles across the Himalayas, the Gods would want to wash the dust of their feet and take a bath, each of them separately. This was the reason why King Janak built so many cisterns.

Rama Navami

This festival forms an important aspect of your tours to Janakpur. It commemorates the holy birthday of Lord Rama. It is an annual event and occurs during the period of late March and early April. Huge processions throughout the city of are common phenomena at this time of the year. Witnessing Rama Navami is one of the major components of tours to Janakpur.

Janaki Mandir

The Janaki Mandir is dedicated to Sita and also has some history attached to it. It was built in the year 1911 by a local princess who, it is believed, lavished Rs. 9 lakhs at that time for the construction of the temple. It reflects a fine blend of Indo-Islamic architecture. The dome of the temple is designed in the fashion of a palace in Rajasthan. The doors are ornately decorated with silver and it is believed that the statue of Sita, the presiding deity of the temple, was found in the Sarya River near Ayodhya.

Ram Sita Bibaha Mandir

The ‘Ram Sita Bibaha Mandir’ is yet another important place of tourist interest in Janakpur. Do not forget to include this in your tours to Janakpur. This is actually a pagoda built in the traditional Nepalese form. It is interesting to see the life-size statues of Rama and Sita, the presiding deities of the pagoda. Apart from these, you will also find the statues of the brothers of Rama. This pagoda was built to commemorate the wedding of Rama and Sita.

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