Satyam Tours

Why Choose Satyam

It’s quite common for individuals to ask themselves Which tour operator shall I choose? We understand your concern so here’s why you should choose Satyam Tours.

First of all, we are a local transparent tour operator company in Nepal. Our familiarity with Kailash region gives more advantages than other tour operators out here. We are a trustworthy travel agency which runs the entire business based on Integrity and Honesty. We thrive to provide excellence and professionalism in everything we do for our customers making tours easy, whether you are a seasoned traveler or first time visitor. Now along with that our whole team always tries to provide real care customer service. We make it a top priority to listen to and learn our customers’ needs, in order to make their tours more enjoyable. Lastly being a responsible tour operator we never forget the importance of Customer Protection. We make sure that our customer’s protection guaranteed, so that they will have a peace of mind while touring with us.